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Texas Hill Country

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Plano, Texas, United States
Nov 26, 2019

Southwest 2016



Copperhead and I set out for Enchanted Rock early on Sunday morning, intending to stay at the state park that night, with a stop in Fredericksburg for brunch. Both of us loaded up with a hearty meal full of eggs and Texas toast at a warm, eclectic place off the main strip in town.

Fredericksburg is known as a picturesque little German town in Hill...

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Apr 03, 2016
Vermillion Vortex

For all the times I've been through the Southwest, I've never been to the Grand Canyon. Now spending over a week in Arizona, and with access to a car, I figured I'd finally get that one scratched off the bucket list. Copperhead, who's from these parts, claimed Sedona was even better, so we made the trip to Red Rock Country, driving through a thunderstorm ...

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Apr 09, 2016

With no plans or reservations, Copperhead and I drove to the Grand Canyon, passing her childhood home outside of Flagstaff along the way. She had grown up in a small community on a high plain at the foot of a mountain, mostly populated by Native Americans. Living in an isolated location has always intrigued me.

Camping in the Grand Canyon requires...

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Apr 14, 2016

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