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Stockdale, TX
Jun 18, 2017

Training for Wimberley to Corpus

So I think today would be an excellent time to start the journal of the prep for the Wimberley to Corpus Christy trip.


Preston (one of the members of the trip) picked up his new bike yesterday, a Trek something something 3, carbon forked and pretty nice honestly. We decided the real first trial by fire ride would be to ride quote on quote Jesus road here in Wimberley, starting on the downhill side of course. After a quarter mile of getting settled, me riding my father's old carbon downhill bike (poor decision but hey gotta have motivation for the new bike)  we started to tackle the hill, speed slowed, gears were dropped until both of us had lit a fire on the top of thighs, even then we ascended a couple more feet. I would assume we made a solid 6/8ths up the hill until I just couldn't make another rotation on the petals. we both stopped and had a breather which lasted roughly a minute then ascended the rest of the hill. 

When we crested the hill we both stopped and looked at ourselves. This wasn't going to be a walk in the park trip. Not in the slightest. 

We continued the ride and talked about normal things, girls, jobs, bikes, and more logistics for the trip. We also talked about riding techniques and other such things, it's obvious to me that I'm a more experienced rider then Preston is but I feel he's going to be a great rider by the time we're all set and done, the best thing about me and Preston together is that we really fill each other's shortcomings very nicely.

On the first half of our trip, we roughly averaged 11 MPH which is definitely no sprint, but you gotta start somewhere. We also practiced strategy on big downhills to instant up hills ( a common occurrence in the hill country but especially on Jesus road) when we rolled to our half way point we had really started to gain some confidence. Maybe we could really make this trip, we were finding our rhythm slowly but surely. So add water and back we went.

The ride back was excellent, speed increased until we hit the longest hill, which wasn't near as tall as the first hill but God Damn was it long. That hurt really badly but after some choice words, I made it.

I was really dreading my bike during these moments, it was a light bike but my rolling resistance in comparison to Prestons was gigantic, and I could feel it. 

We finally made it back to 'the hill' and we're able to enjoy the intense angle that had recently made me question my existence, I gave Preston a quick rundown on brake fade and we took off. Easily the most fun of the trip. I don't know of a man that hates speed. We rode back to the trucks and shook hands. about 12 miles in one hour, a number that is soon to go up. 


Day 1 is complete 


May 29, 2017
The best news? There are probably no hills like that between San Marcos and Corpus Christi.

Jun 01, 2017

I am a carbon-based life form.

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