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Stockdale, TX
Jun 18, 2017

A New Hope (and bike)

Well, the day has arrived. and actually a little sooner than I thought. After I sold a high-end marker from my paintball escapades and after a paycheck or two enter in my new bike


(if picture doesn't work I apologize I'm trying to figure it out) 

Now, I've got no idea what to name her yet but after more training and the tour I'll come up with something. Now what I can tell you: She's a Giant Escape 1 Disk, Aluminum frame, carbon fork, front and rear hydraulic disc brakes, 32 x 700's and she rides absolutely excellent. Now I can begin getting accessories for the trip. I've already got a couple bags and storage options picked out, so now it's just a game of getting the money and ordering. 


So far I've ridden 15 miles in about two separate trips averaging well over 4 mph faster than my old bike, (and now no more math because I also picked up a bike computer) 

That's about it, for now, Updates to come!

Jun 03, 2017

I am a carbon-based life form.

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