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Stockdale, TX
Jun 18, 2017

My legs, they burn!

Today was the official start of the bike trip let me share how it went 

Me and the guys left the high school parking lot promptly at 6:40 and began the trip. And man I tell you what it felt good! We knocked out the miles going out of Wimberley and into San Marcos in a flash it felt like. Hills were just zooming by. And everyone was killing it. By the time we had ridden past San Marcos High School we were ready to get on the major highway for the long leg of the trip. 
This is where the actual fun began. 
With our chase vehicle preventing us from getting ran over we continued our trip to our break point in Seguin. To make a long story short. Highway 123 is now my least favorite in the state. The hills were steep with little downhill on the other side. It felt like we climbed a peak just to see more climbing. 
Easily the most depressing thing about this trip so far. 
I kept my maps up and kept telling myself it was just a couple more miles to Seguin and all would be well. And eventually. We did make it to Seguin at our resting spot in Starke park. The same park where me and my partner Preston run our District CC meet.  We found a happy spot and all jumped in the Comal. Trying our best to recover from the first leg of the ride. Kevin. One of the riders on the trip decided that he wouldn't have another mile on 123. As he was showing signs of heat exhaustion. So we racked his bike and me and Preston rode on. Back onto the dreaded 123. 22 miles of easily one of the physically most difficult days of my life. Wind peaked today at around 18 mph directly opposite of us. The hills continued and our legs weakened. Every time we stopped for a break I was finding it hard to stand. And eventually I wasn't feeling my legs at all. 
Up the hill. Down the hill. Up the hill. Down the hill. 
Over and over and over. 
It wasn't until I had a chance to stare at the map again that my hope started to return. Me and Preston had Biked 19 of the 22 miles. We were so close. So so close. I wanted to quit and so did he. But we kept going. We arrived in Stockdale at 4:00 this afternoon. And after locating the largest amount of food possible we pigged out and then all promptly passed out. Me on a concrete bench. 
We've got tents pitched now and all is well. (Except for my legs) we'll have to see what some Motrin will do for our next leg tomorrow. Wish us luck. 
Updates to come. 


Jun 19, 2017
from Wimberley to Corpus Christi

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