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North Texas

Rock Springs, WY

Elevation: 6,308 ft.
Distance: 110.2 mi.
Odometer: 1,621.6 mi.

Another cold morning. Another century of rolling hills, some of them big. Another day of headwind. Another long section of mostly empty interstate. Another day in Wyoming.

At my first rest stop, I discovered that the bite valve had come off one of my Camelbak bladders and flooded the contents of my pannier. Mostly sealed food, but I also had a letter to Peyton in there, that I hadn't mailed yet. I'll just copy it later.

While at the first rest stop, which was at a huge trucker-friendly gas station, I picked up a Wyoming shot glass (I collect them). One more down. Realized I never got one in Colorado. I'll probably be back someday though.

Wind wasn't quite as bad today, and was a non-factor at times. Hills were fewer and shorter. Practically the entire last 35 miles were downhill or flat. Overall an easier day than yesterday, despite slightly more distance.

For the last two days, I'd been warned to bring a ton of water since I'd be riding through the desert. I took the cautious advice and made sure both Camelbak bladders were full each day. After two centuries in the Wyoming desert, I can tell you it's not nearly as bad as Texas or New Mexico. Sure, it's dry here, but it barely makes it to 80 degrees. I could've gotten by with only one Camelbak bladder.

I actually crossed the Continental Divide twice today. The Great Divide Basin is one of the few exceptions to the Continental Divide. There's basically a basin sitting on the Continental Divide, and all the rain that falls there stays inside and eventually evaporates. I climbed into it on one side and out the other.

Staying on the floor of the Holy Communion Episcopal Church in Rock Springs, WY, a surprisingly big town of 20,000. Thanks, Reverend Bob!

Jun 29, 2009
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