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North Texas

Kemmerer, WY

Elevation: 7,065 ft.
Distance: 85.1 mi.
Odometer: 1,706.7 mi.

Slow going in the first few miles leaving Rock Springs, which is a hilly little town. Once out of town, went into a good cruise mode until I got to Green River 15 miles later, where there were more hills. I even had to go through my first tunnel of the summer. You'd think the towns would be in flat spots and everything else would be hilly.

Past Green River, I was able to get in a groove and hold a steady pace. First time that's happened in a while. But it's also the first time in a while there hasn't been headwind, and each of the last few days has been flatter than the last. Took my first rest stop at Little America, which shows up as a town on some maps, but is really a hotel and little else. I'd seen it advertised as far away as two days ago and figured it would be huge. It wasn't. Well-advertised tourist trap, basically.

Only two miles later, I got off I-80 after spending the last 250 miles on it. If you think the interstate in Wyoming is empty, check out the state highways! Had all day to myself. Took my only other rest stop under an overpass, the only shade I saw all day. Now off the interstate, the headphones went back on. Held on to an even better pace and rocked out down the highway. I was having fun today.

All in all, today was probably the easiest day of riding so far. Made great time and finished an 85-mile ride by 1:30 PM. Had a little trouble coming into town and getting around it, because just like Rock Springs and Green River, Kemmerer is built on a hilly spot. Maybe they were all settled in hilly spots because the hills get you out of the wind?

Oddly enough, the very first JC Penney is found in Kemmerer, WY.

Found a church to stay in, then found out the library was two blocks away. Walked on over and spent a ton of time getting my journals online. Glad to get that done now because I'd rather not waste my time off in Pocatello. Hopefully I'll have another early finish tomorrow and get the whole thing completely up to date.

Thanks again to Pastor Jim, a great guy. You have no idea how much a warm shower and a real bed are appreciated!

Jun 30, 2009
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