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Texas Hill Country

Summer Stats

With the entire ride over, here are a few statistics and rankings for an overview and a look back.



Total Distance: 3,674.2 mi.
Total Climbing: 79,221 ft.
Total Calories Burned: ~238,823equivalent to only 7.7 gallons of gas



Average Distance: 85.44 mi.
Average Climbing: 1,842.35 ft.


Highs and Lows

Longest Distance: 125.6 mi. - San Angelo State Park, TX
Shortest Distance: 36.0 mi. – Pocatello, ID

Top Speed: 45 mph - set at Fossil Butte National Monument in WY

Most Climbing: 5,059 ft.Monticello, UT
Least Climbing: 302 ft.Midland, TX

Greatest Net Elevation Gain: 2,232 ft.Laramie, WY
Greatest Net Elevation Loss: 3,097 ft. – Hagerman, NM

Highest Elevation: 8,087 ft.Just North of CO/WY border on Hwy 287
Steepest Grade: 25% - Spicewood Springs Road, only three miles from the finish in Austin

Worst Headwind: Laramie, WY
Best TailwindLogan, UT

Toughest Day: Branson, CO - Hills, headwind, heat, and 119 miles.
Easiest Day: Denton, TX - Flat and less than 40 miles.


State Rankings

Longest Average Distance: Colorado - 103.4 mi.
Shortest Average Distance: Idaho - 58.77 mi.

Most Average Climbing: Utah - 2,912.88 ft.
Least Average Climbing: Idaho - 761 ft. (to be fair, they were also short days)

Highest Average Elevation: Wyoming - 6,863.25 ft.
Lowest Average Elevation: Texas (part 1) - 1406.44 ft.

Best Roads: Colorado
Worst Roads: Arizona

Best State Border Sign: Colorado
Worst State Border Sign: Wyoming - didn't even have one

Toughest State: Utah
Easiest State: Texas (reprise)

Aug 08, 2009
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