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About PackJournal

PackJournal is a site geared towards those that get outside, move around, and see the world up-close. Here you can document your adventures, connect with others, raise money for a good cause, and see what the rest of the world is up to.


The journals are intended to be used as trip logs, but if you'd like to write about something else, there's certainly no law against it! You can also read journals from other users and leave comments.
We don't have lengthy posting guidelines here. Instead, only two rules: No blatantly offensive content, and don't be a jerk.
If you notice anyone violating one of our two rules, please Contact Us.


We encourage you to upload your photos and share them for the world to see your adventures! Do note, however, that PackJournal is not intended as a photo storage site, and your photos will be resampled to a maximum resolution of 1280 x 720 (~1 MB). If you need to back up your photos in very high resolution, we recommend Dropbox.


All of your content can be organized by trip, so it's easy to keep track of which journals and photos were part of which trip, and it's easy to find the content you're looking for.


On your profile, you have the ability to view your journals and photos on a personal map, to see where you were when you wrote each entry or took each photo. This also helps your followers keep track of where you've been.

Mail Drops

Re-supplying can be difficult on the trail, and small towns often have limited selection. That's why we make it easy to re-supply through PackJournal.
Set up your mail drops by including an address and a date, and optionally, a wish list of things to send. Let your friends and family send things from home, or simply re-supply yourself online!
If you want to send something to a hiker or biker, use our Store for some inspiration, and save yourself a trip to three different stores and the post office. We stock over 300 items, each hand-picked to best serve the needs of hikers and bikers.


You can use your PackJournal adventures to raise money for a charity of your choice! Anyone reading your journals will be able to donate on your page, using a credit card. If you choose, you can set aside a small amount of each donation to help you fund the voyage.
We're always adding more charities, so everyone has something near and dear to raise money for. If you know of a charity that would like to work with us, Let Us Know!
Naturally, anything involving money means Terms and Conditions apply. The short version: your identity is safe, we won't steal anything, and we won't let anyone else steal from you either.


Some people are social. Others aren't. We get that.
If you'd like to share everything with the whole world, great! If you'd rather only let registered PackJournal users view your content, that's OK too. And if you'd like to keep your personal information only to those you know and trust, we allow that as well. You decide what you share and who can see it, both on your profile and on public pages.

Custom Content

We understand that everyone's journey is different. Some people want to write a gear list, post a sponsors page, or anything else they can imagine. PackJournal users can add up to two custom pages on their profile and fill them with any content they want. Users can also enable a custom area in the right column of all of their profile pages.

Mobile App

Obviously, we know that backpackers and touring cyclists are people on the go. That's why we've developed an Android App that allows you to document your adventures no matter where they take you. When using the app, you can write journals, save them offline, edit them whenever you want, and upload them later, when you have a reliable connection. You can also easily upload your photos from the app. And it has a nice dark color scheme, to save your phone's battery.


It's free, it's easy, and it takes less than 60 seconds.
Register now is a place for backpackers and touring cyclists to connect, share their adventures, and raise money for good causes.

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