How It Works

Users are limited to raising money for charities approved by PackJournal. We are making our best efforts to select a broad spectrum of well-respected charities, so everyone has something near and dear to choose from. In the future, it may be possible for users to make a request for a specific charity.

Here's where the money goes:

  • 2.9% + $0.30 goes to the bank
  • 2.1% - $0.30 goes to PackJournal (combined with the bank, a total of 5% is taken away)
  • Up to 25% may go to the PackJournal user, at their discretion
  • All the rest, between 70% and 95%, goes to the charity of your choice

Users may elect to set aside a portion of each donation towards funding their adventures. This number is to be no greater than 25% of each donation, for a total of no more than $5,000 per year.

Terms and Conditions

Users are limited to one PackJournal account per person. Exceptions may be made to allow an organization to have a PackJournal account, as well as an individual account for each member. Users violating this policy may be subject to having their accounts permanently deleted - all of them.

We don't believe in taking money that's been given to a charity, so our general policy is no refunds. However, if we discover fradulent accounts or transactions, it is possible that we may refund the portion of the donation that went towards the PackJournal user, but not that which went to the charitable organzation.

Security and Privacy

PackJournal is committed to protecting your identity and sensitive information. To maintain security, and also for tax purposes, we are required to keep a record of all transactions. What we will NOT do is record your name, address, or credit card number.


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