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Stockdale, TX
Jun 18, 2017

Things Looking up

(Uploaded post completion of the trip) 

Trying to get sleep in Stockdale at 12 pm is a challenge. Let me just tell you. All the wind we had fought getting there seemingly gone and it was HOT, it probably wasn't until 2 am that it had fallen below 90 degrees and my exhaustion had caught up. We woke up promptly to our alarms at 6:00 am and we needed a re-plan. I looked over the route for the day and it was looking very similar to the end of Day 1 that dealt us such misery. after staring at google street view and talking to some locals the first half of our original route was looking bad, reeeeaaall bad, construction had the road torn up, one lane and no shoulder to speak of.

After talking to Preston and Kevin we decided to half the mileage to Beeville. 30 instead of 60. We loaded the bikes onto the chase vehicles rack and drove to Kenedy. After arriving in Kenedy roughly 30 minutes later me and Preston started to unload our bikes when we realized our 3rd wasn't making a move towards his own bike. We prompted Kevin but after the first 30 day 1 he had enough. He was the only one who made no preparations for the trip nor trained. A sad loss. but none the less maybe he could assist our chase driver Brisco. 


   "The will to win means nothing without the will to prepare." -Juma Ikangaa


The ride that ensued was really not horrible. the hills didn't give up but the wind had fallen significantly from day 1. Me and Preston trudged on and after about 5 miles my legs finally started to loosen up and 'fall into the groove' if you will. Me and Preston we're really starting to learn the isms of tour cycling. the biggest observation is the importance of surface. This leg really showed the bonuses and negatives of godly asphalt vs the satan spawn of chip seal. Our MPH average jumped significantly over paved surfaces, even with sizeable hills, and fell as soon as we hit chip seal.  

Most of the leg the road was dotted with "loose gravel next 5 miles" signs and every 5 miles there seemed to be another to refresh the sentiment. This sucked to ride on, believe me.  

Crappy surface aside it still was only 30 miles so after 2 hours roughly we were well within 8 miles of Beeville. After a quick picture at the Beeville sign we rode the rest the way into town, only stopping once for a crash I stupidly rode myself into; moral of the story, don't try to get on a sidewalk while riding 14 mph. It ends poorly.   

manageable cuts and bruises later we arrived at our camping location for the evening at 10:30 am and immediately got a manageable protest from our driver and his new companion.

In their defense, yes, the spot was across the street from section 8 housing. but after a quick google search, we might get to spoil ourselves. 

and we did. God bless 40$ motel rooms

after all cycling (pun intended) through the shower we went to a local buffet for lunch. Stuffed we came back and enjoyed long naps in our newfound AC.  

We enjoyed Whataburger for dinner (a salad for me) and all 4 passed out on the king bed.

Good day, Updates soon 


Jun 19, 2017
from Wimberley to Corpus Christi
Chip seal just might be the most frustrating condition to deal with. Unlike hills and wind, it works against you no matter what direction you're going, and it's a man-made obstacle. It doesn't have to be there.

Jun 26, 2017

I am a carbon-based life form.


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