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Stockdale, TX
Jun 18, 2017

The Last Leg

 The Final update, 

I have to apologize for not posting this update at the ending of the trip. So many things were happening and as soon as we got back there was more than a lot to do. None the less, the final leg. 
Beeville to our finishing stop (I called it the hero shot) was roughly 45 miles. We took off out of Beeville around 7:00 and enjoyed the first part of the ride. Surfaces weren't the best but the hills definitely calmed. We rode through some gorgeous farmland, rows, and rows of cotton all the way to corn and barley until we hit Highway 666 (fondly dubbed the highway to hell by yours truly, Ex's are a bitch) We rode triple six through St.Patricio a tiny little town where we stopped to take a picture of the road sign. After that little break, we pushed on. The lack of hills and wind were doing me and Preston's MPH average some real good. even on the bad surface we never dipped below 15. When we exited triple six we rode onto our last major highway paralleling the interstate. 
Man. Talk about heaven. 
I believe it was called Highway 44 and it was flaaaaaat and smooooooth. Lord. It was the best surface we'd seen the entire trip and me and Preston were eating it up. Cruising at 20-25 mph (the closest we ever got to the speed limit) It was about here that I really started to feel good about what we were doing. We'd even grew a fan base! Riding down 44 we had Oil Patch trucks from days past recognizing us and waving as they passed. That was a serious feel good, makes you start pushing just a little bit harder. 
So we rode on, unfortunately straight past the Corpus Christi sign. And totally forgot to take a picture. Ha. Maybe next time? The Corpus sign was a bit of a joke anyways because we still had 15 miles left after it. The ride in wasn't anything too grand, we rode to
Our first spot at a place we located on Google called "Frank's Spaghetti House" and took a quick picture. Just for the hell of it. Then we rolled into the Corpus Christi Bayfront Park, The hero shot. We got special permission to take our bikes to the center of the circle and take all the pictures we wanted. Me and Preston rolled in and carried our bikes into the spot. 
To be completely honest, it didn't feel like we were done. Where in actuality we had actually ridden bikes from Wimberley High School to the Gulf of Mexico. It was an interesting feeling. Hard to explain or replicate. We were a little bit rushed by our chase vehicle compatriots because they were seriously hungry for some Frank's Spaghetti. 
And so. We loaded the bikes. Drove to Frank's and all tore into some damn good Italian food. Just awesome. 
We spent the rest of the day in a YMCA enjoying the facility with the intent of getting showers. That didn't happen, Kevin and Brisco lifted, me and Preston ran the treadmills for a change of pace. Then we blew the afternoon playing Raquetball. We capped the day with me and Brisco sitting on the beach recreating Zac Brown Bands 'Toes'
 "I've got my toes in the water, ass in the sand, not a worry in the world a cold one in my hand, life is good today,"  I told Brisco. "We're going to remember this when we're fifty" and I pray to God we do. 
We spent the next day touring the USS Lexington and the Texas State Aquarium afterward we loaded up and drove home. 
(I left out a couple details because they make for a great story and make all this drag out a bit, come hit me up about them some time and we can have a laugh)
Thanks so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. 


Jun 21, 2017
from Wimberley to Corpus Christi

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