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PackJournal is a site geared towards those that get outside, move around, and see the world up-close.

Like many people, I always keep a journal and take photos when on a long hike or bike tour. I never quite found a website and app that suited my needs, so after checking out some library books, I created my own!

In addition to my own personal journals, I've decided to dedicate the front page of this site to articles about hiking and biking. That's where you'll find suggested packing lists, comparisons between sleep systems, how to cook on the trail, and pros and cons of different types of gear.

It's a big world out there, and it never seems so bad once you get out in it. Let's go exploring!

About the author

'Coyote' is an undersized grown-up band kid who picked up long-distance running as an adult. Halfway through college, his roommate convinced him to join a supported bike tour from Austin, TX to Anchorage, AK. Since then, he's toured over 40,000 km on a bike, hiked more than 5,000 km, and has run 30 marathons and ultras, setting nine course records in the process.

Currently, Coyote is a high school math teacher in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. He enjoys the intellectual challenge his work provides, as well as the opportunity it gives him to spend 16.7% of the year on an adventure.


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