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North Texas

Fort Collins, CO

Elevation: 5,011 ft.
Distance: 92.1 mi.
Odometer: 1,338.1 mi.

Got going a little late since I left so much to do in the morning. Day went quick though. Some of the easiest 90 miles I've ever done. Mostly flat, light tailwind, slow descending here and there. Easy moving. Held a solid pace all day. I'm sure part of it was simply that my body's starting to adjust to the ride, and I had a day off yesterday to recharge my legs.

I had heard that it would be storming in Fort Collins by noon. Noon came and went without any rain, but with 15 miles to go, a glance over my left shoulder revealed that there was a huuuuuge storm bearing down on me, trying to catch me from behind. I hustled my way into Fort Collins to beat it, only catching a few drops along the way. Not five minutes after I got in, it was pouring.

My host for the evening is John Moran, a guy I found through a guy on, an incredibly helpful site for touring cyclists. If you are a touring cyclist or would ever wish to help one, get on it!

I went with John to the New Belgium brewery and the original Rio Grande restaurant, where Peyton used to work in Austin. Both taste even better at the source. On a side note, I've discovered that going three weeks without any alcohol, paired with burning 8,000 calories a day, has given me the tolerance of a three-year-old.

And John, thanks again!

Jun 26, 2009
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