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Back in Business

Once back in Wimberley after the holidays, the weather took a bad turn, and it was hard to get your butt out the door for a run. For two straight days, the weather never got above 5 C and rained nonstop. Good time to dust off the trainer.

After that, I managed to get back into a normal routine, including staying more consistent with floor exercises. It resulted in a few less-than-stellar training runs, but that’s always the case when you first step up your training. After a week or two, it was back to running like a man again, and with more strength behind it.

By the time school started again, the sun was thankfully staying up 15 minutes later than it had at the end of last semester. A few times, I cut a training run short only because that meant I wouldn’t have to bring a head lamp at all. Can’t wait for those nice long, late evenings, which will only happen after I no longer need to train for the Austin Distance Challenge. And by then, I’ll be complaining about the heat. You can never win.

Jan 13, 2019
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