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North Texas

Rocky Ford, CO

Elevation: 4,286 ft.
Distance: 120.3 mi.
Odometer: 1060.0 mi.

Got on the road nice and early for a day of long mileage. Ran out of sunscreen after doing only my left arm. No problem, I'd probably see a gas station before the sun gets really strong and I'll pick some up there. Only problem was I didn't see a gas station right away. In fact, I didn't see anywhere to buy anything until arriving at my destination 120 miles later. Managed to bum some sunscreen off some traveling motorists halfway through the day. Thanks guys, wherever you are.

I did see a few "towns," which were clusters of mobile homes around a post office. I can't imagine more than 50 people lived in any of them. None showed up on my Garmin. To date, the quietest, most remote day of riding by far. Mix of flats and rolling hills on the plains. Headwind until mile 43, mostly tailwind after that, though it had a tendency to shift if there was a hill involved.

Staying in the United Methodist Church in Rocky Ford, CO (thanks, Pastor Olga!). I considered going for a hot meal in town, and also paying to get in the public pool just to used their shower. But since I've got good arrangements for the next three days, I passed. I can live without luxury for one more day.

Jun 22, 2009
from Pedal for Potatoes

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