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North Texas

Back to Plano, Day 1

I only had 40 miles to get to Georgetown today, and with a tailwind to boot. So I didn't bother leaving my friend's place in Austin until noon. Slowly packed up my stuff, ate a little bit, read some of my book. Let it get a little warmer outside before I braved the elements.

Heading backwards on the route I'd done less than a week prior, everything seemed so much easier than I'd imagined. The hills on 360, Spicewood Springs, all seemed difficult, but not killer. I'd anticipated ahead of time that I might need to drop to my granny gear, but when I got there, the thought never crossed my mind. Maybe the tailwind helped. Or maybe the fact that I took a day off yesterday, and hadn't already done 100 miles like last time.

Once on Ronald Reagan Highway, easy moving. Tailwind, less hills, smooth pavement. This I can get used to! Only about a dozen miles out of Georgetown, I texted my friend to let her know I'd be there in an hour, maybe less.

Couldn't resist taking another couple pictures of the Southwestern campus.

I got directions and rode to her on-campus apartment, easily a lot nicer than any housing on UT's campus, and better than anywhere I lived in undergrad. She was leaving for work, so left me to take a nap at her place and finish off the last of a gluten-free pizza. Her friendly black cat Morty kept me company.

My friend got back a little later than expected, apparently got hung up having to have a long weird discussion with a guy she was semi-involved with at some point. Mostly just chilled the rest of the night, watched the end of "A Beautiful Mind" and talked about cats. Slept comfortably on her absent roommate's bed.

Jan 03, 2014
from Austin New Year

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