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North Texas

Capitan, NM

Elevation: 6,519 ft.
Distance: 104.7 mi.
Odometer: 3,053.0 mi.

Rolling hills. All day. Got a little tiring. Stopped at Gran Quivara ruins early in the morning, similar to Abo ruins yesterday. More rolling hills. Finally had a long, steady downhill into Carrizozo, the first place with a gas station I saw all day, at mile 85.

I was planning on staying at a campground near Carrizozo, but I wasn't feeling too wiped and tomorrow was supposed to be awfully long. Only 20 miles and a 1,500-foot hill stood between me and the next town. I decided I'd go for it. The hill wasn't too bad, mostly gradual, though there was a five-mile steep section that had me in and out of my granny gear. I probably wouldn't have used it if it wasn't for my knee. It was late enough in the afternoon that heat became a factor. Crested the hill in 15 miles and coasted the last five miles into town.

Spied a church and inquired. They couldn't let me stay there, but a friendly lady named Janice put me up in the Smokey Bear Hotel. Thanks! Walked across the street to a little restaurant for my first hot meal in a while. Not bad, either.

Jul 28, 2009
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