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North Texas

Hagerman, NM

Elevation: 3,422 ft.
Distance: 95.6 mi.
Odometer: 3,148.7 mi.

TONS of descending today. Mostly slow and gradual, which basically just meant I moved at a great pace all day. One big hill at mile 40. Likely the last use of the granny gear. After that hill, I looked around and the mountains were just gone. Vanished. A few rolling hills here and there.

I'm back on the plains. Hills are now a thing of the past. I still have distance, heat, and possibly headwind to contend with, but it's comforting to know that hills, one of the major obstacles, is basically gone for good.

Took my first rest stop at mile 46, and if not for the fact that I hadn't put any sunscreen on yet, I might've gone all the way to Roswell at mile 70 before I stopped at all. Nevertheless, I made it to Roswell at about 10:30 AM and went straight to the International UFO Museum.

It was cool that the museum was fact-oriented and focused on telling the true, undisputable events of the Roswell incident, but I was actually hoping for a little more cheesy alien stuff.

Took a quick trip to the library for brief use of internet access and got back on the road. Long breaks in the middle of the day always makes getting back on Freebird feel weird.

The planned destination for the day was Bottomless Lakes State Park, but a look at the map showed that a town called Hagerman would be only slightly farther from Roswell, but would save 10-15 miles tomorrow. Looked like a small town, but I've stayed in smaller towns before.

Got into town and found the First Baptist Church, which had a phone number posted. Called the pastor and he agreed to let me pitch my tent behind the church, but when he came by later, he said it'd be alright if I stayed inside. He even ordered me a hamburger and shared some pizza with me! Thanks again to Pastor Wayne Brazil, and also to his wife Naomi.

Jul 29, 2009
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