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North Texas

Farmington, NM

Elevation: 5,238 ft.
Distance: 55.3 mi.
Odometer: 2,678.8 mi.

Starting the day off climbing for five miles never puts you in a good mood. Adding headwind to that doesn't help. A slow, demoralizing start today. Crossed the New Mexico border only seven miles in. Only one state border to go!

From there until Shiprock, lots of long down-and-ups, where you descend into a mini-canyon and climb back out, each over the course of about five miles. Headwind all the while. It's still mind-boggling to me to think that both times I've passed through here, I've had headwind, despite going in opposite directions.

It’s also weird to see things I recognize. The entire "town" of Mexican Water, the Arizona/New Mexico border, Shiprock. I don't remember most of what I'm seeing, but little flashes every now and then, especially when I actually see it. I keep finding myself trying to remember if certain parts of each day were easy or hard, but all I can remember is headwind.

From Shiprock to Farmington, the wind died down a little and the road flattened out a bit, so I made better time. Arrived at my host at about noon after a short day. David and Heidi live at a bed and breakfast, where David also works. There wasn't quite enough room for me inside, so I pitched my tent out back. Regardless, shower, laundry, dinner, even internet! All things that are appreciated.

David and Heidi, amazingly enough, ride a tandem mountain bike. I didn’t even realize that was possible! You would think a tandem wouldn’t be nimble enough to navigate trails, but they claimed that they can do just about any trails that anyone else can. They also tour together on a tandem, and had done a long one in Mexico. Heidi is pregnant, and once their kid arrives, they plan to continue touring, with a trailer attached to their tandem. I kept trying to picture that in my mind; that’s one long bike going down the road!

Thanks again, David and Heidi!

Jul 23, 2009
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