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North Texas

Teec Nos Pos, AZ

Elevation: 5,323 ft.
Distance: 99.1 mi.
Odometer: 2,623.5 mi.

Leaving my RV park in the morning, a friendly dog decided I was the most interesting thing in the world and ran alongside me for the first 12 miles of the day. I was surprised it was even capable of going that far! Dogs are fast, but they usually tire a little more quickly. I didn't even mind that he wouldn't get out of the way for my border photo. He earned it.

Today started off with miserable knee pain. Bad enough that I considered going only to Kayenta, just 25 miles away, and taking the rest of the day off there. By the time I got to Kayenta though, my knee was feeling a lot better, so I pressed on. I guess I just needed to loosen it up or something.

I was now left with two options: Mexican Water or Teec Nos Pos. Mexican Water would be about a 70-mile day, Teec Nos Pos 100 miles. I figured I'd stop at Mexican Water since I should probably take it easy on a day when my knee hurts, I knew camping there would be possible, and also just for old time's sake. I got there at 12:30 PM and realized that I'd have way too much time to kill, so I pressed on once again. Mexican Water is a gas station, a diner, a laundromat, and that's the whole f'n thing. It fits in one photograph.

Today was mostly flat, hills at the beginning and end. Somehow I remember that last time I passed through here, I was going east-to-west and I had headwind. This time I went west-to-east and I had...headwind. Somehow that just doesn't seem fair. I feel like I earned it from last time.

I must've forgotten the magnitude of how bad the roads in Arizona are. Horrible horrible horrible!! I whined about the roads in Utah, especially the construction, but at least that's a sign they're improving the road. Arizona's got terrible paved surface, a two-inch crack every 15 feet, and a rumble strip that takes up the entire shoulder.

Just like last night, staying only a few miles from the state border, this time in the First Baptist Church. Shower! Thanks again to Pastor James and his wife Shelley for letting me stay here.

Jul 22, 2009
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