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North Texas

Provo, UT

Elevation: 4,546 ft.
Distance: 63.1 mi.
Odometer: 2,134.2 mi.

Had to start the day by crossing most of the Salt Lake City area. On recommendation from Eric, I changed my original route in favor of one that skirted the urban areas and took me past the University of Utah. The route was definitely bike-friendly, but had repeated hills. Might've been fun on Invictus, but wasn't too fun on a loaded Freebird. Also added about ten miles to the day.

Once I got out of the hills, I got construction and headwind. I just couldn't win. Slow going all day. Got better as the day went though. Passed through the BYU campus when I got into town, then headed over to Bruce's, an old friend from high school.

In the afternoon, Bruce and I went to a brand-new Mormon temple. Normally, non-Mormons aren't allowed in temples, of which there are only about 100 in the world, but when a new one is built, they hold an open house until it's formally dedicated. This would probably be my only chance to see the inside of a Mormon temple, so I went. It was cool! They don't look anything like a church on the inside, and they're not used for the same purpose. If you ever get the rare chance to tour one, you should.

Before we went, Bruce had the sense to give the place a call and ask if I would be allowed to come inside while wearing the only things I have - trail running shoes, hiking pants, a T-shirt, and a hat. Probably better to wear the hat than show up sporting a mohawk.

I got the chance to meet Bruce's wife Katie, and later, another old friend, Jon Ramos, came to dinner with his wife Pamela. A good time was had by all. Bruce related the story of how he proposed to Katie on their second date, less than a week after meeting her. She said yes. And incredibly enough, she didn't know his real first name yet.

Katie and Pamela, good to meet you. Bruce and Jon, good to see you again. And to Bruce and Katie, thanks again for having me.

Jul 15, 2009
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