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North Texas

Quanah, TX

Elevation: 1,574 ft.
Distance: 95.7 mi.
Odometer: 536.7 mi.

Hard time getting out of bed again. Need to catch up on my sleep. Got on the road a little before 7:00 AM. Earlier than yesterday, but still not 6:00 AM like I'm trying to do normally.

Strong wind from the south again. I'm sensing that'll be a pattern for a while. I stayed only 10-15 miles from the Oklahoma border most of the day. Based on that, I think any good Texan would instantly figure out why the wind is always blowing so hard to the north here all the time.

Today's route pointed somewhat farther north. Made good time and never got close to bonking. Mostly flat. Inclines and declines. Rolling hills here and there. The grass is getting taller, the trees shorter, and the dirt redder. Still see cows all the time. Seeing more and more oil pumps.

On the highway I've been taking, I've noticed that there's a "major" town every 30 miles. According to one of the locals, it turns out that's because when trains were first invented, 30 miles was about as far as it could go without stopping for water, and towns built themselves up around the water stops.

During the day I talked to Peyton on the phone for the last time in who knows how long. Only for sure method of communication for a while will be letters, and I won't be able to get one from her until I get back.

Rolled into Quanah a little after 3:00 PM and figured I'd try my luck with a church like yesterday. Rode all the way across town without seeing any, or any signs. Saw a grocery store though, so I stopped there first. Afterwards, I thought I'd see if my Garmin could find a church in town. Instantly, it found half a dozen and mapped them out for me. That thing is awesome.

Dropped into the United Methodist Church and found a minister there. Asked if I could stay in the church. Instead, he put me up in a hotel. On top of that, he invited me to a dinner at his church. I happily accepted.

When I got there, he actually asked if I'd speak to his congregation. I managed to ad-lib something for a few minutes. The dinner was delicious and everyone there was friendly. One of them even gave me a cool neck towel that she made by hand! First hot meal in a few days, and first real company in the same amount of time. Both are huge morale boosters. Thanks again to Lloyd and everyone else at the Quanah United Methodist Church.

Jun 17, 2009
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