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North Texas

Aurora, CO

Elevation: 5,851 ft.
Distance: 83.0 mi.
Odometer: 1,246.0 mi.

After a brutal three-day stretch, anything less than 100 miles seemed like nothing. Started the day off with a detour that took me through Garden of the Gods. Awfully hilly, but totally worth it. Saw lots of runners on the same path. To be honest, if I lived around there, Garden of the Gods would be my Town Lake. Awesome place to run during a quiet sunrise.

Colorado Springs itself is an awfully hilly town. I was either descending rapidly or climbing a tough hill most of the time. As I headed out of town, it was all climbing. It culminated in a particularly long, difficult hill between miles 20 and 30. Elevation topped out around 7,650 ft. Managed to do it without my granny gear.

After cresting the hill, the entire rest of the day was mostly flat and had its share of declines. Easy moving for the most part, and made it into Aurora in no time.

After that, just hung out in Aurora. Spent some time with Aunt Kathy and Uncle Tony, made it to a bike shop for a quick tune-up, updated my journals, etc. Somewhat lazy, but also busy. Good to get a chance to rest my legs and perhaps adjust to the altitude a bit. I dunno if the altitude has really been affecting me, or if it's been the headwind, hills, and long distances doing most of the work.

Even with a day off, not much downtime. Glad I had a day off though, and glad it was in good company. Thanks, Aunt Kathy and Uncle Tony.

Jun 24, 2009
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