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Final Push

With only four weeks between the 3M Half Marathon and the Austin Marathon, there wasn’t much time left for any serious training. The first two of those weeks would be critical if I intended to push myself in any way. Crunch time!

One way or another, every week had some kind of obstacle that got in the way of running every day. Twice, it was UIL. My job requires me to chaperone all-day academic competitions every second Saturday. It’s not so bad, because you get paid to do not much aside from ride a bus, sit in a cafeteria, and spend about an hour grading math tests. On top of that, they feed you! But that means you eat more than normal, and you don’t run that day. And the busiest part of the year is right before the Austin Marathon. It’s like UIL wants me to suck at running.

Even so, the final push has been tough enough. Some days I get out there and my legs feel stiff and heavy from the workout the day before, but I usually feel better after the first 10 km or so. In all likelihood, being more consistent with doing floor exercises has made things more difficult, but it’ll pay off in the end. Besides, running when you’re tired and sore is what marathons are all about.

After bonking hard in a long training run in early January, all of the long runs have been going well. Definitely a good sign! While the training has been difficult, the important thing is I’ve been able to do it. If it were easy, you’d almost be worried!

Two weeks out, last long runs completed, the taper begins...

Feb 03, 2019
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