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North Texas

Salt Lake City, UT

Elevation: 4,315 ft.
Distance: 84.0 mi.
Odometer: 2,071.0 mi.

A cold morning had me in my jacket and gloves to start the day, but they only stayed on for about an hour. Right after I took them off, I had to climb a 5% grade for six miles, complete with a false summit just to tease you. Got to enjoy a seven-mile downhill that put me at a lower elevation than where I started climbing.

The rest of the day was somewhat hilly, enough to wear me out. I was slowing down noticeably by the time I got to Salt Lake City. Went ahead and visited the state capital and the Mormon temple, both of which were close to where I'm staying. Thought about visiting the University of Utah campus, but I was tired, it was two miles out of the way (and two miles back), and it looked to be up another hill. I decided to call it a day and head in. I'm still thinking of dropping by in the morning.

There's a particular spot in front of the Mormon Temple where everyone likes to take a picture. The temple is in the background, with a perfectly kept green lawn in front, and a pedastal to stand on. There's no line or anything, but everyone waits patiently for one person to get their photo, then the next person moves in and everyone waits for them. Every single time, someone would stand on the pedastal for the picture. Not once did someone just take a picture of the temple.

Once it was my turn, I first took a photo of the temple, without anyone in it. I was about to leave after that, but then I changed my mind. I propped Freebird on the pedastal and took a picture of her. Then took her off and started wheeling her away.

Another tourist stopped me, "Do you want me to take a picture of you?" She already had her hand out for my camera.
"No." I resumed walking off. Her look of surprise was unmatched.

Staying the night with Eric Waters, another host from Had a dinner of vegetable stew, which is good since I don't get veggies every day.

Six years ago, I heard about a beer called Tetley's from a soccer teammate (he was English and of legal drinking age there). Adam was insistent that it was the greatest beer of all time. Tetley's was, therefore, the first beer I ever heard of and thought, I oughta try that sometime. Since then, I had never seen it in a store, in a bar, or even heard its name spoken. I saw an antiquated sign for it in an English-themed pub once, but that was it.
In Eric's fridge, there was a Tetley's. I relayed him the story. He told me to drink it. Six years in the making, I finally had a Tetley's! It was...good.

According to Eric, the liquor laws in Utah are bizarre, owing to the overwhelming Mormon population there. Beer sold in grocery stores must be 3.2% by volume or lower, which almost no beer is, so beer and wine needs to be purchased in a liquor store. Liquor stores are exclusively owned by the state, and they close at 7:00 PM. In a restaurant, you can't order alcohol before you order food; you have to either order the food first, or order them both at the same time.

Thanks again, Eric!

Jul 14, 2009
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